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The word says and history confirms that the consistent, heartfelt prayer of a righteous man and woman makes tremendous power available. Prayer is the prelude to revival and reformation. And that is why we have built a 247 prayer room! We see this room as the engine room for the city of Durban and a catalyst to a coming revival and reformation. We see this room booked every hour of every day and night with faithful intercessors declaring the kingdom has come to Durban. : The Vision – 24/7 Prayer Durban

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Strategic and safe:

Our prayer room is located in a strategic high point in greyville that overlooks the city and Berea (in the same premises as Every Nation Church: www.endurban.org). It is a secure place where you can come pray any time of the day or night. We have CCTV’s and a 24hr security guard controlling access to the room. There is plenty of secure off street parking. The room is controlled by finger print access. 
Parking is Free.

How to register:

Contact Every Nation Church and make an appointment to register: pray@247prayer.durban
You will need to bring your ID book or card. At your appointment your finger print will be scanned and you will then have access to the room – however you must book online before you go.

How to book: 

If you want to book the room simply use this website where you can select the hour you are going to be in the room. This will prevent the chance of arriving at the room and finding other people using it. We suggest you reserve your hours well in advance. 

What to expect: 

The room is large and spacious – perfect for praying in groups of any amount up to 20 people. The room is full of engaging material to assist you in praying for strategic things. You can pray for lost people groups, our government leaders, the lost, revival, churches, families etc. There is a sound system which you can connect to via Bluetooth and play your own music and worship. There are couches and bean bags. You can get creative, write notes, draw pictures and feel free to stick them on the cork boards. There is also library where you can borrow books as well as a refreshment station where you can make tea and coffee. 

Prayer room etiquette:


We ask that you take your shoes off as an act of humility and
honor for the one to whom this space is dedicated; we desire this
to be holy ground.

Sound / Music

If you are sharing the room please respect other people’s space
and do not pray loud or in a disturbing manner.

If you make use of the HIFI / Bluetooth speaker please keep the
volume to a respectable level even if alone.

If you make use of the refreshment station, please leave it clean, 
do not take cups into the prayer room. 
Please do not use your cell phone in the prayer room. If it is 
important that you receive your calls, place your phone on 
vibrate, and take the call outside the prayer room.
Taking Care
Please do not put your feet on the couches, including up on the 
back. No lying down on the chairs or sleeping (“camping out”).
Please do not take the pens, pencils or stationary. 
Please do not run in the prayer room.
Please remember take your belongings with you when you leave. 
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I had such an amazing session of prayer at #247prayerdurban


What an awesome, vision to create a space for anyone to pray and also get some heavenly interference here in durbs.
Praying leads to so much powerful change.


What a sepcial space for prayer


Pray For the People of Durban

Roof Level, 369 Umgeni Rd, Greyville, Durban, 4001

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